IC Layout Design Engineer:

Job Responsibilities:
1. Finish the layout cell library, module, and whole layout design of IC according to the design requirements;
2. Finish the DRC and LVS verifications of IC layout and extract the parasitic parameter;
3. Conduct the reliability analysis and test of IC;
4. Finish relevant documentation according to the requirements;

Job Requirements:
1. The employees should have community college or above education background, major in electronic and relevant specialties and have some related work experience;
2. Be familiar with the design process of IC and have solid layout design and workmanship experience;
3. Be familiar with the design tools of IC and can proficiently use the virtuoso layout design tools ;
4. Know about the productive technology process of IC and the physical structure and basic functions of the semiconductor devices, and have some related knowledge of the reliability test of IC;
5. Have strong teamwork spirit and good communication skills.

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