MCU Senior Software Engineer:

Job Responsibilities:
1. Software design and maintenance of MCU compiler and emulator (mainly about the software simulation at the present stage)
2. Give considerations to both the MCU assembly language software programming and project development.

Basic Requirements:
1. The employees should have college degree or above and major in computer software or relevant specialties.
2. The employees should be under 40 and the genders and work seniority are not required;
3. Master high-level languages such as C++Builder, Delphi, VC and VB and the employees who have development experience of MCU compiler and emulator, etc tool software are preferred, and the employees who are excellent in C++Builder will be considered on the first place.
4. The employees should have good learning ability, work with chariness and responsibility, be patient and meticulous, get well-balanced personality, have good communication ability and can bear bald technical work in the long term , have good professional conduct and job spirit.

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