Our company developed chips for 3D glasses in 2010. With years of technologies accumulation, our company has comprehensively improved the gen-eral technology of multi-chip 3D glasses in the current market, and researched developed the unique single-chip for 3D glasses in the current market.    This single-chip for 3D glasses means there is only one single-chip rather than several chips (see the following graphic 2)in a pair of 3D glasses (see the following graphic 1).The circuit of single chip has the characters of simple construction, high integration, strong reliability and low power consumption.   Therefore, 3D glasses which adopts single chip is more energy saving, safer, more environmental, lighter and thinner,   small volume, and easy to prod-uce.
  Depending on the advantage of Shenzhen’s powerful electronic product production chain and the superiority that “Shenzhen Sunlight Display Technique Co., Ltd” being the investing enterprise of this company can produce the liquid crystal lens of 3D glasses, our company rapidly produced two types of si- ngle chip 3D glasses, and they are the frivolous, fashionable cinema type of a small volume and the household type. Our company holds independent intellectual property rights on this product’s function design, appearance design, etc and has obtained many patents.
  Our company will rely on the technological superiority and successively roll out 3D glasses chips and 3D glasses that are more frivolous, energy conserved and personalized.

Figure 1 Real Photo of Single Chip for 3D Glasses which is developed by Our Company:

Figure 2 Real Photo of Multichip for 3D Glasses which is Commonly Used in the Current Market:


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